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Driving Growth by Following Opportunities: Provincial Outlook to 2045

Canadian Economics    March 15, 2023

The lingering COVID-19 virus, supply chain challenges, war in Ukraine, and geopolitical tensions in the Middle East and in China and neighbouring countries take up much of our thoughts on what lies ahead, but many of those issues will fade as time goes on. Undoubtedly there will be other bumps and disruptions globally along the way over the next 20 years.

Online experience  •  8-min read

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Breaking Down Barriers: Improving the Workplace Experience for Neurodivergent Canadians

Inclusion    March 14, 2023

Canadian companies have a lot to gain from embracing neurodiversity in the workplace. Yet neurodivergent Canadians continue to face barriers to employment and career progression.

Impact paper  •  45-min read

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Preparing for an impending employee exodus: Increased turnover and retirement risk necessitate succession planning

Human Resources    March 14, 2023

An employee exodus in the coming months and years will affect many industries because of retirement risk or postponement and voluntary turnover. Organizations need robust, responsive succession plans to mitigate these risks and ensure long-term stability.

Issue briefing  •  45-min read

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