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SES in the Workplace: Insights From Canadian Employers

Education & Skills   June 13, 2024

Social and emotional skills (SES)—also called soft, human, or people skills—are increasingly important for the future of work. What types of SES are employers looking for? How do they assess these skills? What challenges are employers facing recruiting employees with strong SES?

Issue briefing  •  3-min read
Partner: Future Skills Centre

Person welding metal

Industry Lens

Canadian Economics    June 11, 2024

As businesses across Canada embark on a new era, there are plenty of bright prospects across several industries in the Canadian economy. But which sectors will come out ahead?

Online experience  •  8-min read

An Analysis of the Demand for Green Skills in Canada

Education & Skills   June 6, 2024

The threat of climate change is driving an urgent need to decrease reliance on unsustainable practices and technologies in the workplace. The transition to the green economy is expected to create new employment opportunities and surging demand for green expertise for the sustainable jobs of today and tomorrow.

Data briefing  •  10-min read
Partner: Future Skills Centre

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