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Mapping Immigrants’ and Non-permanent Residents’ Settlement in Canada

Immigration   February 29, 2024

Communities across Canada are experiencing changes in their populations of immigrants and temporary residents who live there. Analyzing the geographic distribution of these newcomers can help forecast scenarios and guide local-level policies.

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Easing Off the Brakes: Canadian Five-Year Outlook

Canadian Economics    February 28, 2024

As expected, progress on the inflation front means the Bank of Canada is confident enough to put a hold on interest rates for now. Although the inflation monster looks like it has been caged, the door is not yet locked shut.

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Social and Economic Value of Better Heart Health: Measuring Labour Market Participation, Volunteering, and Caregiving

Health    February 21, 2024

Most analyses of the health of seniors look at minimizing their costs to society—minimizing costs to the health care system, promoting independence, or improving transitions to care homes. What is often missing is the additional contribution that healthy seniors make to both our society and economy.

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