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A Higher Education Industry Subscription includes research and data on the Canadian labour market and student population to help post-secondary leaders develop programs that address labour-market needs and understand how their institutions can provide economic and societal benefits.

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Cutting-edge insights tailored for Canadian post-secondary leaders.

With a Higher Education Industry Subscription, leaders at Canadian post-secondary institutions (PSIs) get exclusive access to strategic guidance through consistent, timely, cutting-edge research that can help them make informed decisions.  

Our economists and skilled education researchers pinpoint trends and data insights to help you understand present and future labour market demands across Canada, key student population statistics, and job placement after graduation.

Get the insights and analysis you need to future-proof your program development and increase your institution’s positive impact.

Education Subscription Benefits

Get a clear picture of changing workforce needs, growth areas, and shortages.

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Gain Insights

Access in-depth analysis of high-growth job sectors, including program development recommendations and real-world examples.

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Gauge Impacts

Boost your institution’s impact on student success after graduation and increase your contribution to addressing labour market demands and to Canada’s overall prosperity.

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Research Series Included in the Higher Education Subscription

The Canadian Hiring Index is created by The Conference Board of Canada and powered by data collected by Vicinity Jobs from company websites and online job boards. It provides insight into changes in the volume of online job postings across different geographic areas, industries, and occupations over time.

  • Evaluate your programming based on Canadian hiring activity trends.
  • Position your students for better outcomes based on changing labour-market needs.
  • Assess and align your programming to regional hiring trends.

The Higher Education Trends (HET) offers a comprehensive overview that maps the Canadian post-secondary education (PSE) landscape and provides PSI leaders with a national overview of student statistics in four pivotal areas: enrolment, outcomes, mobility, and finances. Each quarterly release focuses on one area, providing data-rich information and analysis.

  • Benchmark your institution’s success against other Canadian institutions.
  • Evaluate your institution’s social and economic impact.
  • Understand the trends at play across Canadian PSEs.

The Skills Trends series is the first research series in Canada providing current information on in-demand skills based on the Canadian labour market. Each quarterly release spotlights an emerging skill or skills cluster, offering insight into the implications of these skills and recommended responses for PSI leaders.

  • Understand changes to skill trends and their impact on enrolment.
  • Guide your program development strategy with an eye on skills gaps.
  • Leverage actionable recommendations to move quickly on emerging opportunities.

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