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The Bank of Canada Keeps Rates Steady for Another Announcement

Canadian Economics    April 10, 2024

The housing market continues to pose an upside risk to the Bank of Canada’s inflation goals. The Bank has expressed concerns that if financial conditions improve, rejuvenated demand for housing, paired with the limited developments in housing supply, could exert significant upward pressure on inflation.

Quick take  •  4-min read
Walter Bolduc

Chill Lingers in the Labour Market as Winter Recedes

Canadian Economics    April 5, 2024

Little excitement as torpor prevails in Canada’s labour market. In the face of high interest rates, firms are navigating lower demand for goods and services. Hiring in the economy has slowed and weaker labour demand is translating into subdued employment growth.

Quick take  •  3-min read
Liam Daly

Trade Surplus Widens with Export Growth

Canadian Economics    April 4, 2024

Weaker domestic demand will dampen the outlook for imports. Higher rates will continue to exert pressure on both consumers and businesses until the Bank of Canada starts to lower rates. Our recent consumer and business confidence surveys have finally turned around, but the indices still fall short of optimistic levels.

Quick take  •  2-min read
David Ristovski

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