Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Conference Board of Canada’s research team is exploring the latest breakthroughs and discussions shaping the artificial intelligence landscape. From new and emerging AI technologies to regulatory updates and the evolving job market, check back here to stay informed on what’s happening at the cutting-edge of AI and its implications for the future.

AI on the Horizon

In this update, we explore the latest advancements in the AI and LLM (large language model) landscape, and how these innovations are shaping various sectors. From exciting new tools by OpenAI and Google to pioneering AI initiatives in healthcare and education, there’s plenty happening on the AI horizon.

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Dan Carpenter

Research Associate, Innovation and Technology, Artificial Intelligence

Dan Carpenter is a Research Associate on the Innovation and Technology Team at The Conference Board of Canada. In this role, he has conducted research on a wide range of topics, including AI, automation, telecommunications, and cybersecurity. He is also an advisor to our Council for Chief Data Analytics Officers. 

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AI on the Horizon: May 10, 2024 Update

Innovation & Technology    May 10, 2024

In this update we explore Canada’s recent AI announcements, new AI roles, and an exciting high-potential AI use case.

Quick take  •  3-min read
Dan Carpenter

AI on the Horizon: April 30, 2024 Update

Innovation & Technology    April 30, 2024

This short update delves into the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, highlighting LLM advances and regulatory changes. We also explore significant AI advanced and the debate about AI’s impact on labour.

Quick take  •  3-min read
Dan Carpenter

Will AI Take Your Job with Mike Burt and Benjamin F. Jones

Canadian Economics    September 20, 2023

Doomsday scenarios are the currency of the day when it comes to artificial intelligence’s impact on the jobs market.  But technologists aren’t always that great at economic forecasting. To help us sort through the hype, we’re joined this episode by Mike Burt, Vice-President at the Conference Board of Canada and Benjamin F. Jones, Professor of Strategy at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Illinois. 

Podcast  •  29-min listen

Joshua Gans on the Economics of AI

Canadian Economics    September 5, 2023

When Joshua Gans and his co-authors released their book Prediction Machines in 2018, they were writing about a topic that seemed quite niche. At this time, machine learning was just starting out. In the last year, the speed at which artificial intelligence has advanced has surprised almost everyone.

Podcast  •  45-min listen