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When it comes to economic forecasting, we see what others don’t.

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Get access to nine forecast categories, including Canadian, provincial, and industry outlooks. Our proprietary macro-economic models include thousands of variables and behavioural equations, so we can deliver the timely, unbiased analyses you need to tackle the complex questions facing your organization.

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Canada’s Three-Year Outlook

For over 20 years our national economic forecasts have been relied on by leaders to position their organizations for success. Our national forecasts include short-, medium- and long-term outlooks and incorporate over 1,700 variables. Uncover the trends that are shaping the future of Canada , from inflation, to supply chain difficulties, global rate hikes and more.

Provincial Three-Year Outlook

Understand the regional and provincial differences that make Canada’s economy unique. Our most downloaded report, the Provincial Outlook is built using our proprietary macro-econometric model of the provincial economies, which contains almost 3,000 variables and equations structured uniquely to each of the provinces.

Industry Lens

Our Industry Lens presents timely analysis of the key issues affecting Canadian industries. We use 1,000 variables and equations to examine trends across 18 Canadian industries. Our analyses incorporate financial outcomes—revenues, costs, and profits—to give you a thorough view of the sectors that matter to your organization.

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Package 1

Complete Access Economics Package

Access analysis and forecasts covering every economic dimension.

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  • Business and Consumer Confidence Indices
  • Canadian Hiring Index
  • Canadian Industry Lens Outlooks and Insights
  • Canadians’ Inflation Expectations
  • Canadian Economic Outlooks and Insights
  • Canadian Long-term Economics Outlooks (20-year forecasts)
  • Construction and Real Estate
  • Housing Market Update
  • Key Economic Indicators
  • Labour and Employment
  • Major Cities Outlooks and Insights
  • Provincial Outlooks and Insights
  • Provincial Long-term Economics Outlooks (20-year forecast)
  • Travel and Tourism Sector Trends
  • US Economic Outlooks
  • US Long-term Economics Outlooks (20-year forecasts)
  • World Economic Outlooks
  • World Long-term Economic Outlooks (20-year forecasts)

Package 2

Canadian Economics Subscription

Access analysis and forecasts of national-scale economic trends over the short and long term.

10 Seats

$4,995 / Year


  • Business and Consumer Confidence Indices
  • Business Investment
  • Canadian Economic Outlook (3 Year)
  • Canadian Hiring Index
  • Canadians’ Inflation Expectations
  • Canadian Sectoral Outlook
  • Emerging Industry Insights
  • Energy
  • Financial Markets
  • Government
  • Household Consumption
  • Household Income and Employment
  • Housing Market Update
  • Industry Trends
  • International Trade
  • Key Economic Indicators
  • Long-term Canadian Economic Outlooks (20- year forecasts)
  • Travel and Tourism Sector Trends

Package 3

Provincial Economics Subscription

Access analysis and forecasts of Canada’s provincial economies over the short and long term.

10 Seats

$5,995 / Year


  • Consumption
  • Exports
  • Fiscal Outlook
  • Government Outlook
  • Industry Outlook
  • Investment
  • Labour Market, Income, Consumption
  • Provincial Economic Outlooks and Insights
  • Provincial Long-Term Economic Outlooks (20-year forecast)
  • Territorial Outlooks and Insights
  • Trade
  • Trade and Energy

Package 4

Major City Economics Subscription

Access forecasts, analyses, and unique time-series data for large and mid-sized Canadian cities.

$12,995 / year


  • Bankruptcies
  • Breakdown of Non-Residential Building Permits
  • Building Permits
  • Comparative Employment
  • Construction, Commercial Real Estate, and Income
  • Consumer Price Index
  • Dominant Industry
  • Downtown Office Market, Suburban Office Market
  • Economic Structure
  • Employment in Perspective
  • Employment Market Variability
  • Employment Outlook
  • GDP Outlook
  • Household Income per Capita
  • Housing Starts
  • Major City Economic Outlooks and Insights
  • Office Sector
  • Population
  • Real GDP at Basic Prices
  • Retail Sales
  • Sectoral Employment
  • Sources of Migration
  • Total Employment
  • Total Housing Starts
  • Unemployment Rate