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Canada’s Consumer Confidence Only Sees Minor Improvements in May

Canadian Economics    May 22, 2024

A June interest rate cut would help confidence, but strong employment growth could impact the timeline of the next cut. If the Bank of Canada interprets the significantly hotter than anticipated labour market as pushing up household demand and thus inflation, this could weigh on the likeliness of a cut next month.

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Walter Bolduc

Inflation’s Deceleration in April Bodes Well for Imminent Rate Cut

Canadian Economics    May 21, 2024

April’s CPI figures were broadly positive despite the recent acceleration of gasoline prices. The rampant pace of food price growth appears to be tamed, as prices for food sold in stores grew by only 1.4 per cent year-over-year. However, gasoline price growth accelerated which added some inflationary pressure in April.

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Kiefer Van Mulligen

Falling Petroleum and Coal Sales Burned Canadian Manufacturing Sales in March

Canadian Economics    May 15, 2024

Canadian manufacturing sales posted their weakest month-over-month growth since October 2023 with only 4 of 21 subsectors reporting higher sales. Falling sales of petroleum and coal products contributed most to this decline.

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Kiefer Van Mulligen

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