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Consumer Confidence Falls to Its Second Lowest Point to Date

Canadian Economics   September 26, 2023

Investment in Quebec is helping boost the province’s consumer confidence. In August, Ford Motor Co. and its South Korean partners, in collaboration with both provincial and federal governments, announced a significant commitment to Quebec by announcing the construction of a $1.2 billion EV battery material manufacturing facility.

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Walter Bolduc

Gasoline Reignites Year-over-Year Price Growth in August

Canadian Economics    September 19, 2023

Over the last year, the gradual easing of gasoline prices has helped the pace of overall price growth fall back to earth. However, the price of gas has begun to pick up again. In August, gasoline was a net contributor to overall price growth and the same will likely be true in September.

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Kiefer Van Mulligen

Despite Port Strike, Manufacturing Sales Picked Up in July

Canadian Economics    September 15, 2023

Real manufacturing sales popped up by 0.9 per cent in July despite labour action at Canada’s west coast ports and an ongoing economic slowdown. The month’s strong sales figures also came despite nature conspiring against industrial activity, with wildfires likely impacting production across many manufacturing subsectors.

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Kiefer Van Mulligen

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