Price Growth Eased in February, But New Risks Have Appeared on the Bank of Canada’s Radar

Canadian Economics    March 21, 2023

In line with expectations, headline inflation continued to ease in February. Price growth for much of the consumer price index (CPI) basket remains higher than 3 per cent year-over-year, but a handful of goods and services prices are contributing disproportionately to overall CPI growth.

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Kiefer Van Mulligen

Motor Vehicles Helped Drive Manufacturing Sales Growth in January

Canadian Economics    March 14, 2023

Despite rumours of an impending recession, manufacturing sales held on as the new year began. In January, real sales posted their strongest month-over-month gain since July 2020.

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Kiefer Van Mulligen

Labour Market Stalls in February

Canadian Economics    March 10, 2023

In February, employment in Canada held steady. However, today’s Labour Force Survey results mark a shift down in gear after a four-month run of job growth. Despite this, wage growth is still hot. While rising wages allow households to navigate the rising cost of living, they also risk feeding inflation—especially when labour productivity is falling.

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Liam Daly

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