Inflation Rate Slipped Under 3.0 Per Cent in January

Canadian Economics    February 20, 2024

In January, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose by 2.9 per cent (y/y), down from 3.4 per cent in December 2023. But the deceleration of headline CPI sits atop some unevenness. Prices for shelter and several other services continue to grow at elevated rates.

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Kiefer Van Mulligen

Auto Plant Retooling Cooled Manufacturing Sales in December

Canadian Economics    February 15, 2024

Manufacturing sales slipped in December driven by declining sales of transportation equipment products. However, performance within this product subcategory was mixed. Motor vehicle sales fell by 13.5 per cent (m/m) as several auto plants in Ontario retooled, while sales of aerospace products and parts grew by 10.6 per cent.

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Kiefer Van Mulligen

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January Employment Grows, Struggles to Match Population Growth

Canadian Economics    February 9, 2024

The Canadian job market is witnessing a mix of subdued hiring activity, influenced by weaker demand, and a robust increase in labour supply, driven by high levels of international migration. This dynamic has led to a more balanced job market.

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Shane Brimacombe

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