Index of Business Confidence

Business Confidence Comeback Fades Quickly

The recent decline in confidence may not signal another prolonged period of pessimism as businesses’ overall economic expectations have not changed significantly since the previous survey. High interest rates, rising labour costs, government policies, and taxes are the primary factors negatively affecting planned investment in Canada, each factor identified by over 40 per cent of respondents.

May 16, 2024   •   8-min read

3.6 points to 73.3

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Our widely respected Index of Business Confidence captures the views of senior executives of private Canadian corporations. It delves into the state of their businesses’ sales and finances, their investment plans, and their expectations for the Canadian economy over the coming six months.

This quarterly index is used by the Bank of Canada as a measure of capacity and inflation pressure as it sets monetary and financial markets policy. The index also informs our in-house national economic outlook.

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