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Our economic research team specializes in the following five areas:

Economic Impact Analysis

Understand the economic linkages

Our experts harness the power of cutting-edge models to tell your project’s story. Whether you’re assessing an existing operational footprint, estimating the impact of new investments, or valuing a new facility, our tools can help you understand the local, regional, and national impacts. Our rigorous analysis provides you with insights to inform stakeholders, optimize supply chains, and understand the fiscal and employment implications of your project.

Our unique and proprietary Economic Impact Assessment Model measures GDP, employment, income, and fiscal impacts of economic activity at the local, provincial, and national levels. Three different types of impact—direct, indirect, and induced—can be reported on.






Use Cases

  • How many jobs does our business or sector support?
  • How does our industry link with others?
  • What types of jobs will our new facility support?
  • How much tax revenue will our activities generate?
  • How will our project impact our local community?
  • How many people will be employed during the construction of new infrastructure?
  • What will the supply-chain effects of my operation be?
  • Where is my project most likely to draw its inputs from?

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Custom Scenario Planning

Navigate uncertainty with confidence

Strategic decision-making requires a deep understanding of potential outcomes. Our custom scenario-planning services equip you with the tools to confidently navigate uncertainty. We collaborate closely with your team to develop tailored scenarios based on your unique challenges and goals. By simulating a range of possible futures, we enable you to assess risks, identify opportunities, and develop robust strategies that can be adapted to different scenarios.

Learn more about our national, provincial, and metro forecast models.

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Specialized Forecasting

Create a clear vision for success

Accurate forecasting is a key driver of effective decision-making. Our specialized forecasting services leverage advanced statistical models and data-driven methodologies to predict future trends and outcomes. Whether you need to understand the implications of policy changes, create market-demand projections, or predict financial performance, our expert team delivers reliable forecasts that support your strategic objectives.

Learn more about our national, provincial, and metro forecast models.

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Labour Supply and Demand Modelling and Analysis

Anticipate workforce needs

The success of any organization hinges on having the right talent at the right time. Our skilled analysts employ sophisticated labour supply and demand modelling techniques to help you anticipate and manage your workforce needs. By analyzing demographic trends, skill gaps, and market dynamics, we provide actionable insights to optimize your talent acquisition, retention strategies, and workforce planning initiatives.
To help prepare Canadians for the future of work, our researchers and data scientists proudly developed the MOST on behalf of the Future Skills Centre.

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Bespoke Data Analysis

Turn data into actionable intelligence

Data holds tremendous potential, but extracting actionable insights can be a complex task. Our bespoke data-analysis services unlock the true value of your data. With expertise in various statistical techniques, building algorithms, and data visualization tools, we transform raw data into meaningful intelligence. Our analytical prowess equips you with the knowledge to make informed decisions, optimize processes, and drive innovation.

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Our National, Provincial, and Metro Forecast Models

The Conference Board of Canada has been continuously developing and improving our National Forecast Model for more than 40 years. Its depth and flexibility allow for a wide range of forward-looking analysis for both the next year and the next decade.






Use Cases

  • When will governments balance their budgets?
  • How much revenue will a tax change generate?
  • When will Canada reach 50 million people?
  • How many immigrants is Canada expected to welcome?
  • What would happen if oil prices reached $200 per barrel?
  • What are the economic implications of a natural disaster?
  • How will shifting to net zero emissions impact the economy?
  • What will Canada’s productivity performance be?
  • How will carbon pricing impact the economy?
  • What will the effect of new infrastructure investments be?
  • How many homes do we need to build?
  • How low can the unemployment rate go?

The Conference Board of Canada has been continuously developing and improving our Provincial Forecast Model for more than 40 years. It allows us to undertake a wide range of forward-looking analysis within and across provinces and territories.






Use Cases

  • Which province will experience the strongest growth?
  • Which province will have the best fiscal outlook?
  • What portion of Canada’s immigrants move to each province?
  • How many people will retire in our province?
  • What will the impact of higher interest rates be on investment?
  • How will new infrastructure impact economic growth?
  • How much will healthcare costs increase?
  • How will changing demographics impact demand for education?
  • How will carbon pricing impact the provincial economy?
  • What will reduced medical wait times mean for labour participation?
  • How is the mix of employment and skills in my region changing?
  • What will inflation look like in my region?

Our Metro Forecast Model has been maintained and developed for 25 years and includes forecasts for major metro areas in Canada and unique city-level historical data that cannot be found anywhere else.






Use Cases

  • Which metro will experience the strongest growth?
  • Which metro has the best housing affordability?
  • How many people are moving to my region?
  • What is the skill profile of our workforce?
  • What will a new employer mean for my community?
  • How will new infrastructure impact economic growth?
  • How long will mass-transit revenues be impacted post-pandemic?
  • How will new homebuilding impact property tax collections?
  • How will densification impact demand for different services?
  • What will the impact of expanding mass transit in our community be?
  • Will wages keep up with inflation?
  • How quickly will our local labour force grow?