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Immigration, Inflation and Housing with Pedro Antunes and Kathryn Dennler

Canadian Economics, Immigration    November 22, 2023

From inflation, to housing affordability, to struggling post-secondary institutions, new Canadians have become an easy target. Our guests Pedro Antunes, Chief Economist at the Conference Board and Kathryn Dennler, Senior Researcher in the Conference Board’s Immigration Knowledge Area to shed some light on the realities of Canada’s immigration system.

Pedro Antunes, Kathryn Dennler  •  21-min listen
Leadership Perspectives

Indigenous Youth Entering the Labour Market

Indigenous & Northern Communities    September 27, 2023

350,000 Indigenous youth are set to come of age by 2026, offering unique contributions as they enter the workforce. Discover the multifaceted impacts of Indigenous youth on the labour market as two distinguished experts delve into this topic.

Julie Cafley, Michael DeGagné, Kory Wilson  •  29-min listen
Future Skills Centre Podcast

Will AI Take Your Job with Mike Burt and Benjamin F. Jones

Canadian Economics    September 20, 2023

Doomsday scenarios are the currency of the day when it comes to artificial intelligence’s impact on the jobs market. But technologists aren’t always that great at economic forecasting. In this episode, Mike and Ben share their assessments of how AI is impacting jobs and why the promise of this new technology represents a sea change in the way that economists have thought about the risks from job automation.

Mike Burt, Benjamin F. Jones  •  30-min listen
Leadership Perspectives

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Bright Future

In this series, The Conference Board of Canada brings you the connections that make us stronger as individuals, as organizations, and as a country. Hear from senior-level executives from our biggest institutions and leaders from Canada and around the world. For us, leader isn’t a title, it’s a way of acting in the world. You’ll hear leaders who are working to create a bright future.

Leadership Perspectives

In the Leadership Perspectives audio series, we sit down with experts to hear perspectives on the issues that are affecting the lives of Canadians.

Future Skills Centre Podcast (en français)

The Future Skills Centre Podcast explores some of the most crucial emerging challenges to the future of work.

Our Experts in the Field

The Circular Economy and Plastics Value Chain

Sustainability    March 14, 2022

We introduce the importance of the circular economy, and the roles of sustainable finance and policies in accelerating circular plastics transition in Canada. In this episode, Babatunde Olateju, Principal Research Associate of Sustainability at the Conference Board of Canada, joins Dominique on the first of a three-part series focused on the circular economy, in advance of our upcoming Circular Economy Roundtable taking place on April 13, 2022.

Babatunde Olateju  •  17-min listen
CIBC: The Sustainability Agenda

To Overcome “Wicked Problems” Lean Into Inspirational Leadership

Inclusion    March 10, 2022

In this kickoff episode of Season 4 of The Inspire Podcast Bart speaks with Susan Black of the Conference Board of Canada about the challenges facing today’s leaders. Drawing on the CBOC’s deep research capabilities, Susan shares insights into the major pressures facing leaders across all sectors—from talent management to a return to premises to DEI and the future of work.

Susan Black  •  19-min listen
The Inspire Podcast by the Humphrey Group

The Power of Attraction: How The Conference Board of Canada Leverages Data and Engagement to Empower Employees

Inclusion    February 9, 2022

In this episode, Marnie and Russell sit down with the President and CEO of The Conference Board of Canada, Dr. Susan Black. Building a diverse and inclusive environment at work has been an important topic of conversation in recent years. In this post-truth climate, it’s more important than ever for companies and organizations to go above and beyond to recruit, attract and retain valuable employees.

Susan Black  •  33-min listen
CAAT Pension: Contributors

Employee Health Trends

Human Resources    January 11, 2022

The pandemic forced significant changes to the workplace, necessitating many employees work from home. Some of these changes have proven permanent. This highlights the changing workplace dynamics, as employers are evolving to remain attractive to potential employees.

Lauren Florko  •  15-min listen
HRchat Podcast: The HR Gazette

Canadians Will Feel the Bite of Rising Prices Even More in 2022

Canadian Economics    December 8, 2021

Inflation, rising interest rates and the likelihood of rising prices for Canadians. Inflation is a classic case of supply and demand mismatch, and the highest it’s been in three decades. People will feel the impact of inflation more and more as the year goes on as prices increase on every day and discretionary items.

Sohaib Shahid  •  20-min listen
Financial Post: Down to Business Podcast

Re-evaluating Immigration Policy with Iain Reeve and Yilmaz Dinc

Immigration    February 9, 2022

We talked about immigration in the wake of the pandemic, the difficulties immigrants face in having their skills and education recognized, and public opinion on immigration. We also discussed providing pathways to permanency for migrant workers, the challenge of attracting immigrants to settle in small and rural communities across Canada, and the need to prioritize immigrants with essential skills.

Iain Reeve, Yilmaz Dinc  •  54-min listen
Moving the Needle: Senator Ratna Omidvar’s Podcast