Labour Relations Outlook

Perspectives From the Bargaining Table

The Labour Relations Outlook explores key themes in collective bargaining, such as forecasted wage increases for unionized employees in 2023, the post-pandemic union–management climate, and key bargaining priorities and challenges that are expected to come up at the bargaining table this year.

Key Issues Addressed in Part 2

Labour RelationsPriorities and ChallengesLabour MarketLabour Shortage
The current labour relations climateThe top bargaining priorities and challenges for 2023Strategies to improve attraction and retention in Canada’s still-tight labour marketApproaches that unions and employers are using to mitigate the labour shortage

Part 2

Part 2 of the Labour Relations Outlook, explores insights revealed through a series of executive roundtables and interviews with labour relations leaders, encompassing both employer and union perspectives.

Part 1: The Bargaining Environment

Part 1 of the Labour Relations Outlook takes a quantitative approach, providing Canadian labour relations professionals with an overview of the current economic environment and exploring projected wage increases and salary freezes for unionized employees in 2023. 

Key Issues Addressed in Part 1

OverviewWage IncreasesSalary Freezes
A brief overview of the current economic environmentProjected 2023 wage increases for unionized employees, broken down by region, industry, and sectorProjected salary freezes for unionized organizations in 2023
Tops of skyscrapers



The Labour Relations Outlook keeps me current with other sectors and organizations, and leads to better bargaining outcomes.


Liz Marcil

Associate Director

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