Research Centres

Make a Lasting Impact.

Research centres are dedicated to furthering knowledge and discourse about some of Canada’s toughest challenges and greatest opportunities.

Each research centre is funded by multiple stakeholders, united in their mission for progress, who help support and define the research agenda.

From global trade and immigration to mental health, Indigenous issues, and more, our research centres enable us to broadly develop and disseminate research that informs decision-making.

Value Based Healthcare Canada


Canada’s healthcare systems are under exceptional stress. We must improve patient care and outcomes, cost transparency, and capacity to meet current needs and serve future generations. Value-based healthcare (VBHC) is an international framework that can help achieve this by focusing on self-reported outcomes and quality of life.  

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Centre for the North

Indigenous & Northern Communities

Canada’s North is rich in culture, resources, and natural beauty, but lags behind its Southern counterparts in critical social and economic areas. Closing these gaps would benefit the North and Canada as a whole.

Workplace Mental Health Research Centre

Human Resources

We believe strong workplace mental health is the cornerstone of employee engagement and productivity—and employers have a pivotal role to play. This centre was established to increase awareness and understanding of this issue through research, analysis and dialogue.

Global Commerce Centre

Canadian Economics

The success of Canada’s trade sector is critical to our economic growth and regional development. As the global trade context is increasingly challenging, the Global Commerce Centre analyzes emerging global shifts, identifies the challenges they may bring, and explores trade opportunities.

National Immigration Centre



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