Value-Based Healthcare Canada

Building a Path to Patient-Centred Health Systems 

Canada’s healthcare systems are under exceptional stress. We must improve patient care and outcomes, cost transparency, and capacity to meet current needs and serve future generations. Value-based healthcare (VBHC) is an international framework that can help achieve this by focusing on self-reported outcomes and quality of life. 

Value-Based Healthcare Canada leads evidence-based research to support implementation and integration of VBHC in Canada.

Why Become a Funder?

Create impact through strategic research initiatives.  

Funding members shape the future of Canada’s health and care ecosystem by ensuring independent, evidence-based research is developed and shared with government, business, and civil society decision-makers. Pooling funding dollars helps Conference Board economists and researchers create more robust, impactful research. 

Our Objectives

Improve patient outcomes and healthcare system efficiencies across Canada through research.

Champion the VBHC movement in Canada. 

Serve as Canada’s VBHC liaison with international organizations/initiatives. 


Dale Payne


We don’t think about value in health systems, but we think about cost. Value-based healthcare is about being obsessed with amazing outcomes. It forces us to be proactive and target scarce resources more equitably and efficiently to where patients need them most.

Latest Releases

Woman in a wheelchair talking on a cellphone

Shaping a Bold Vision for Canada’s Health Ecosystem: Value-Based Healthcare Canada

Health    October 4, 2022

Changes in our Canadian healthcare systems are needed to ensure survivability of the concept of universal access to care and to bolster resilience to future shock, disruption, and new discoveries. Doing so will enable the flexibility needed to address the pressing challenges our systems are currently facing. 

Impact paper  •  22-min read

Doctor listening to man's heart using stethoscope

Understanding the Use of Patient Reported Outcomes in Colorectal Cancer: Experience of a Canadian Hospital

Health    March 6, 2023

Measurement of patient-reported outcomes (PROs) in clinical practice is growing in importance. They offer timely and actionable information on patients’ experiences with the care they received and their current health status (during and following care encounters) and as such provide actionable information to inform therapeutic intervention by clinical teams.

Impact paper  •  26-min read

Female surgeon tying on mask to operate

Scaling Value-Based Procurement
in Canada: A Research Series

Health    December 7, 2022

Every day, hundreds of thousands of Canadians access healthcare services. Many are undergoing critical life-saving procedures, while others are receiving important routine and follow-up care. With their incredible training and practice, clinical and professional healthcare teams play the leading role in delivering safe and effective care to Canadians.

Online experience  •  8-min read


Roche Canada

Private-public partnerships are a cornerstone for value-based healthcare to truly materialize. Industry has an important role to play by collaborating in partnerships which advance patient-centric and efficient healthcare delivery.