Housing Market Update

Resale Market Levels Off, Looks to Spring

Canadian resale volumes eased in February, giving back some of January’s sales increase. Still, the pullback follows three months of rising volumes and suggest that, at worst, the market has found a bottom. While bond yields have generally risen this year, national employment continues rising and ongoing strong population growth has generated pent-up residential requirements.

March 27, 2024   •   8-min read

About the Housing Market Update

The Housing Market Update describes current monthly resale and construction information for two dozen Canadian urban centres. It presents the factors underpinning housing demand, including interest rates, demographics, and incomes. Importantly, the report scales housing activity by a market’s size, enabling “like-for-like” comparisons, and presents data in interactive and easy-to-read charts. Real estate brokers and agents, home builders, housing policy experts, and general economic observers will find this report helpful. 


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