Economic Impacts of the CANDU MONARK Nuclear Reactor 

Canadian Economics

By: The Conference Board of Canada


Key insights from deploying four CANDU® MONARK™ reactors:

  • $90.4 billion (2023 dollars) boost to Canadian GDP over the 88-year life of the 4-unit project – $40.9 billion during construction, and $49.5 billion during operations.
  • Deep integration with Canadian supply chains means that for every dollar spent GDP increases by $0.97. Including profit from the sale of electricity into the wholesale market increases this multiplier to $2.00.
  • The four reactors will add 4,000 MW of power capacity – 22 per cent of Ontario’s new nuclear capacity needed to support the transition to a net-zero economy by 2050.1
  • 33,500 full-time equivalent jobs per year over 9 years created during the construction of the four reactors. Over the combined design and construction phases of the first deployment 20,260 jobs per year on average will be created. The power plant will sustain 3,500 full-time equivalent jobs per year over its 70-plus year operating life.
  • $29.1 billion (2023 dollars) in additional tax revenue across municipal, provincial and federal governments over the life of the project.