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Canada’s North is rich in culture, resources, and natural beauty, but lags behind its Southern counterparts in critical social and economic areas. Closing these gaps would benefit the North and Canada as a whole. The Centre for the North is Canada’s only cross-sector, collaborative research initiative dedicated to addressing the policy gaps, systemic barriers, and structural challenges affecting Northern socioeconomic development and reconciliation. 

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Funding members can help shape the future of Canada by ensuring independent, evidence-based research on Northern socioeconomic development is created and delivered to government, business, and civil society decision-makers. Pooling funding dollars helps your money go further, enabling Conference Board researchers and economists to create more robust and impactful research. 

Our Objectives

Inform decision-making for public, Indigenous, private, and not-for-profit organizations that have a vested interest in Northern socio-economic development.

Provide a framework that supports collective action to address Northern Canada’s most pressing challenges.

Ensure the development of solutions, practices, and policies that are driven by Northerners, for Northerners.

Contribute to reconciliation based on the contexts, needs, and interests of Northern and remote Indigenous communities.


Lands and Economic Development, Indigenous Services Canada and Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada  

The Centre for the North’s research model has allowed us to more efficiently and effectively leverage our resources and strengthen the evidence-based research we need for practical and informed decision-making and policy development. The Members’ meetings are an invaluable network for learning first-hand from other governments, Indigenous partners, and industry about their experiences, and having frank and open discussions about the complex challenges and opportunities facing Northerners.

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