Workplace Mental Health Research Centre

Changing the Future of Workplace Wellness

Strong workplace mental health is the cornerstone of productivity and employee engagement, and employers have a pivotal role to play.

The Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Research Centre was established to increase awareness and understanding of this issue through research, analysis, and dialogue. It tackles critical matters facing Canadian organizations and the wellbeing of their employees.

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Why Become a Funder?

Create more impact through a collective research initiative.
Funding members can help shape the future of Canada by ensuring independent, evidence-based mental health research is developed and delivered to government, business, and decision-makers. By using a collaborative approach and aggregating funding from multiple members, Conference Board economists and researchers are able to create more robust and impactful research.

Our Objectives

Enhance knowledge of workplace mental health and wellbeing through leading-edge research and practical solutions

Strengthen employers’ understanding of how to create mentally healthy workplaces for employees.

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Guy Cormier

President and CEO, Desjardins Group

The physical and mental health of our society is directly connected to the vitality of our communities. For employers and their employees, the last few years have focused on adapting, innovating, and being resilient. But we need to constantly evaluate our mental wellbeing and ensure we are supporting Canadians. We are proud to partner with The Conference Board of Canada in establishing this new research centre to gain valuable insights that can help build better solutions in the workplace.

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