Spotlight On: Results-Based Work Models—November 2023

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Spotlight On: Results-Based Work Models—November 2023

Human Resources
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Author: Dilys Leman, Diogo Borba, Leah Ringwald


This research looks at the performance-driven results-based work (RBW) models as a possible strategy for organizations looking for new ways to enhance productivity and engagement to achieve better results.

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In this Spotlight Series article, we explore Results-Based Work (RBW) models for organizations looking to enhance employee productivity and engagement.

What is a RBW model and how is it different from the Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE) model? Why does giving employees the freedom over how they accomplish their tasks translate into improved performance and outcomes? What should organizations consider when determining if RBW is a good fit for them?

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Key findings
Not necessarily a good fit for every context or role
Implementation: What to consider before taking the leap
Stay tuned for real-world examples
Appendix A—Additional guiding questions for implementing RBW
Appendix B—Job suitability tool
Appendix C—Employee pulse surveys to monitor RBW model implementation
Appendix D—Bibliography

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