Spotlight On: Detoxing Meeting Culture—October 2023

Spotlight On: Detoxing Meeting Culture—October 2023

Human Resources
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Author: Dilys Leman, Diogo Borba, Liz Marcil


This briefing offers organizations a four-step guide on implementing meeting-free days and tips for efficient and productive meeting practices.

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In this research, we examine how the rise of “meeting culture” is affecting our wellbeing and productivity, as well as the benefits of implementing meeting-free days at work.

How does having multiple meetings per day affect workers’ ability to focus? What are five best practices you can put in place to ensure your meetings are efficient and productive? How do meeting-free days improve employees’ wellbeing, sense of autonomy, and level of engagement?

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Key findings
The rise of meeting culture has led to a decline in productivity
Meeting-free time is critical to employee health and wellbeing
Two practical solutions to consider
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