Will AI Take Your Job with Mike Burt and Benjamin F. Jones

Artificial Intelligence

By: Benjamin F. Jones, Michael Burt

Leadership Perspectives: Economics Matters, Episode 10

Doomsday scenarios are the currency of the day when it comes to artificial intelligence’s impact on the jobs market.  But technologists aren’t always that great at economic forecasting. To help us sort through the hype, we’re joined this episode by Mike Burt, Vice-President at the Conference Board of Canada and Benjamin F. Jones, Professor of Strategy at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Illinois. 

Mike and Ben share their assessments of how artificial intelligence is impacting jobs—drawing a key distinction between whole jobs and the various tasks that make up a job.  You’ll hear why the promise of this new technology represents a sea change in the way that economists have thought about the risks from job automation.  You’ll hear what fears they think are real and whether they are optimistic that new technologies will help to address persistent challenges like Canada’s underperforming innovation sector or broader economic inequality.

Michael Burt

Vice President, The Conference Board of Canada

Benjamin F. Jones

Professor of Strategy, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University