Building Workplaces Where Neurodivergent Workers Thrive

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Building Workplaces Where Neurodivergent Workers Thrive

Human Resources
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Author: Beth A. Robertson, Jane Hutchison


This issue briefing explores strategies that employers can use to improve the workplace experience for neurodivergent employees in Canada.

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Neurodivergent workers and managers express positive attitudes toward neurodiversity in the workplace. However, non-neurodivergent managers in particular would benefit from a strengthened understanding of the barriers that neurodivergent employees face.

Half of neurodivergent employees surveyed feel that informing their employers about their neurodiversity status might limit their opportunities for career progression or have other negative repercussions.

We identified three first steps for improving the workplace experience for neurodivergent Canadians: (1) increase transparency in the accommodation process of available supports; (2) implement company-wide neurodiversity awareness training; and (3) offer more flexibility in work arrangements.

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