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Canadian Immigration Summit 2022

Immigration to Canada is at a crossroads. The immigration system is facing new pressures, but opportunities have also emerged. Join us for the Canadian Immigration Summit 2022, where we will explore how to make Canada’s immigration system more innovative, resilient, and responsive to complex challenges and unique opportunities.

Summit  |  Virtual
May 24–26, 2022

Strategic Foresight Virtual Workshop

Apply plausible scenarios for the future and using that knowledge to help you make decisions today.

See website for dates  |  Virtual

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Better Workplace Virtual Conference 2022

For over two decades, the Better Workplace Conference has hosted a national conversation on creating a safe and healthy workplace. This April, we’re bringing together thought leaders, researchers, and you, industry experts, for an important, evidence-based discussion on workplace wellbeing in 2022. Join the Canada-wide conversation to improve organizational culture and employee wellbeing and safety.

Conference  |  Virtual
April 5–7, 2022

Start-Up Success: The Gender Difference

Building ideas from scratch into multi-million dollar enterprises is a momentous feat for anyone to achieve. And while men and women have similar initial business aspirations, they also appear to have different approaches, experiences, and challenges throughout their entrepreneurial journeys. The Conference Board of Canada explored these gender differences through research conducted with men and women who are leading tech start-ups.

March 30, 2022  |  Virtual

Future Skills Summit

Our nation’s labour market is undergoing massive change. It’s being shaped by effects from the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as unprecedented demographic shifts, economic changes and technological advances. To navigate these disruptions and foster the future prosperity of Canada, we must support the lifelong skills development of our workforce.

Summit  |  Virtual
February 22–24, 2022
Partner—Future Skills Centre

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