Working with a New Reality

Managing Mental Health with Knowledge and Resilience

Free Webinar  •  October 19, 2021

The events of the past 18 months have forced Canadians to make abrupt changes to their work and home lives.

Many of us have had to turn our homes into offices, classrooms, or playgrounds, which has posed major challenges while also providing some unexpected insights.  As our cities and communities continue to open their doors and evolve their day-to-day, we need to be thoughtful towards our mental health and build resilience to face the inevitable challenges ahead.

During this 45-minute webinar, Dr. Diane McIntosh, Psychiatrist and TELUS’ Chief Neuroscience Officer and Dr. Susan Siklos, TELUS Child and Youth Psychologist will discuss:

  • The science behind how our brains are wired to manage change and adversity.
  • How you can learn to be more resilient and help others around you to build the same critical life skills.
  • Some of the challenges parents and caregivers face supporting youth as they return to school activities.
  • Practical strategies to help them (and you!) manage worries, as we all return to the day-to-day rhythm of life in “COVID times.”

Hosted by The Conference Board of Canada’s director of Human Capital and Workplace and Health, Erin Mills.



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