Economic Outlook with the Chief Economist

Inflation, Pandemic and War—Forecasting in a Time of Uncertainty

Webinar  •  May 31, 2022

Just as we seemed to be emerging from a two-year long pandemic, the world is hit with another tragedy—Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine.

The confluence of inflation, pandemic and war have led to unprecedented fiscal support, rapid tech adoption, a labour market crunch and the sharpest commodity price shock in recent history. How will these massive changes affect Canada’s economy?

During this webinar, The Conference Board of Canada’s Chief Economist, Pedro Antunes, will discuss our latest economic forecast for the Global and Canadian economies.

  • How will inflation, rising interest rates and the winding down of government pandemic supports affect households and employees?
  • What are the impacts of the war in Ukraine on Canada’s economy?
  • And how will the war affect the energy transition and global supply chains in the future?

Pedro will also share insights on what employers need to know about the current state of the Canadian labour market. What impact will “The War for Talent” and “The Great Retirement” have on the economy and workforce in the coming years?



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