Canada’s Attractiveness to Global Tech Talent

Free Webinar  •  February 8, 2022

How attractive is Canada to potential newcomers in the tech sector?

Building on the discussions at the Canadian Immigration Virtual Summit with sponsor MobSquad, this webinar focuses on Canada’s competitiveness in attracting and retaining highly skilled immigrants in the tech sector.

Canada’s tech sector is growing rapidly. Canadian companies have attracted significant levels of venture capital in the recent years, including during post-pandemic recovery. Tech-related jobs have recovered more rapidly than others. This recovery was accomplished with companies accessing key talent and filling talent shortages to maintain the growth momentum.

Canada is ranked among the top OECD countries in attracting top talent, strengthened by the country’s immigration system that provides early access to permanent residency. However, the global competition to attract people, particularly in the tech sector, is intensifying. Canada might face brain-drain challenges from other markets, such as the Silicon Valley that could provide a wider range of career opportunities.

Join us for this webinar where we will discuss the role of immigration and Canada’s business competitiveness in accessing global tech talent. We will review the impact of existing pathways to permanent residency, current venture capital flows, career development, and advancement opportunities for tech talent in Canada. The discussions will shed more light on Canada’s ability to compete effectively for highly skilled immigrants and advance a robust tech talent ecosystem.

During this webinar, Tyler Shandro, Alberta’s Minister of Labour and Immigration, Arif Khimani from MobSquad, and Yilmaz Dinc from The Conference Board of Canada will:

  • Discuss Canada’s relative advantages and disadvantages in attracting top talent
  • Provide insights on policies and practices that can help Canada to retain newcomers working in tech sector
  • Share which talent strategies could work best for Canadian employers
  • Discuss ways to foster an environment of success for tech talent and entrepreneurs
  • Inform ways for Canada to stay competitive in bringing highly skilled immigrants in the post-pandemic period



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