Canada’s Economic Outlook

The Post-Election Road to Recovery

Webinar  •  October 28, 2021

A look at how Canada will emerge from the recession over the next few years and beyond.

This webinar will discuss what affect it has had on the Global and U.S. economies, and on Canada’s labour market and leading industries. The pandemic has had lasting impacts on households, businesses and government finances.

Join The Conference Board of Canada’s Chief Economist, Pedro Antunes, to gain an understanding of the economic and political forces affecting Canada’s economy. He will provide the Conference Board’s view on Canada’s economic prospects post recovery, in particluar, on whether COVID-19’s silver lining may be a boost to productivity. Pedro will also share his views on how the election results may impact Canada’s economy.

Webinar highlights:

  • What damages has COVID-19 had on developed and emerging economies?
  • How will inflation, home price appreciation and the winding up of government support affect household savings and spending over the next few years?
  • What should the federal government set as a fiscal anchor going forward?



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