Global Commerce Centre

Supporting Canadian Trade and Investment

The success of Canada’s trade sector is critical to its economic growth and development. With its abundant resources, Canada is well-positioned to be a global trade and investment leader, but we have a long way to go.

To help Canada achieve its potential, we established the Global Commerce Centre (GCC). Through our research, we aim to uncover how Canadian policymakers and businesses can leverage emerging opportunities, including new markets, digital trade, and green trade.

Why Become a Funder?

Create more impact through a collective research initiative.
Funding members can help shape the future of Canada by ensuring that independent, evidence-based global commerce research is developed and delivered to decision-makers in government, business, and civil society. Pooling research funding helps your dollars go further, enabling the Global Commerce Centre’s economists and researchers to create more robust and impactful research.

Our Objectives

Help Canada realize its global potential in a multipolar world.

Discover how Canadian businesses can leverage emerging opportunities.

Identify barriers to trade and investment.

Improve the resiliency of Canada’s trade system.

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