Employee Wellness

Your staff is the key to your organization’s success. Make sure they are well taken care of using the most recent research on employee health.

Human Resources   March 25, 2024

This series explores trending topics in human resources (HR) using two methods: spotlight reports and case studies. The spotlight reports are short, easily digestible pieces that examine best practices in the HR space.

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Canadian Human Resources Metrics Benchmarking

Human Resources   January 18, 2024

Build and refine your Human Resources (HR) practices for managing your teams. Understand the current business environment, and know what’s changing. Our data from across Canadian industries and regions will help you see where you excel and where you can grow.

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Benefits Benchmarking: Refine Your Benefits Plans to Support Your Employees

Human Resources  December 13, 2023

The Conference Board of Canada’s Benefits Benchmarking project provides timely insights into organizations’ benefits plans, offerings, and strategies so you can compare your efforts against those in your region and/or industry.

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Labour Relations Outlook

Human Resources    November 29, 2023

The Labour Relations Outlook explores key themes in collective bargaining for 2024, such as projected wage increases and salary freezes and implications of the post-inflationary economic climate and anticipated slowdown.

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Empowering Indigenous Youth in Care as They Transition to Adulthood

Indigenous & Northern Communities   September 26, 2023

In 2019, new federal legislation, An Act respecting Métis First Nations, Inuit, and children, youth and families prioritized Indigenous jurisdiction over Indigenous children in care. The 2019 Act commits to reform child and family services for Indigenous children by focusing on prevention, early intervention, and protection. It also affirms Indigenous jurisdiction over cultural continuity, kin care, and decision-making about children in care.

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Empowering Indigenous Youth in Care as They Transition to Adulthood

Indigenous & Northern Communities    September 19, 2023

Young Indigenous people leaving the child welfare system have important skills and experience. But they’re underemployed and earn less than they would if their talents were fully utilized. On average, a First Nations person who grew up in care on reserve will, over their lifetime, earn $1.2 million less than a non-Indigenous person from the general population who didn’t grow up in care.

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Demographic Analysis of the P&C Insurance Industry in Canada: HR Professionals

Canadian Economics    July 12, 2023

A slowdown is still on the horizon for an economy that has shown remarkable resilience to last year’s hike in borrowing costs. Price growth—what central banks around the world have tried to constrain—has shown only stubborn response so far to policy measures.

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Demographic Analysis of the P&C Insurance Industry in Canada: Career Perspectives of Employees

Canadian Economics    July 12, 2023

The Canadian labour market has experienced significant challenges since the last survey in 2017, with none more consequential than the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to unparalleled economic disruptions.

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Approaches for Skills Inclusion in Inuit Nunangat

Indigenous & Northern Communities   June 20, 2023

This toolkit will help employers with recruitment and retention in Inuit Nunangat through meaningful inclusion practices, policies that accommodate traditional practices and community responsibilities, and clear career paths.

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Building Neuroinclusive Workplaces

Inclusion    March 28, 2023

There are many benefits to creating a neuroinclusive workspace. Yet neurodivergent Canadians continue to face barriers to employment and career progression. With many Canadian companies experiencing significant labour shortages, employers can benefit from recruiting and supporting talent from underrepresented groups, including neurodivergent workers.

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Breaking Down Barriers: Improving the Workplace Experience for Neurodivergent Canadians

Inclusion    March 14, 2023

Canadian companies have a lot to gain from embracing neurodiversity in the workplace. Yet neurodivergent Canadians continue to face barriers to employment and career progression.

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Preparing for an Impending Employee Exodus: Increased Turnover and Retirement Risk Necessitate Succession Planning

Human Resources    March 14, 2023

An employee exodus in the coming months and years will affect many industries because of retirement risk or postponement and voluntary turnover. Organizations need robust, responsive succession plans to mitigate these risks and ensure long-term stability.

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