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Inclusion    March 28, 2023

There are many benefits to creating a neuroinclusive workspace. Yet neurodivergent Canadians continue to face barriers to employment and career progression. With many Canadian companies experiencing significant labour shortages, employers can benefit from recruiting and supporting talent from underrepresented groups, including neurodivergent workers.

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Breaking Down Barriers: Improving the Workplace Experience for Neurodivergent Canadians

Inclusion    March 14, 2023

Canadian companies have a lot to gain from embracing neurodiversity in the workplace. Yet neurodivergent Canadians continue to face barriers to employment and career progression.

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Preparing for an Impending Employee Exodus: Increased Turnover and Retirement Risk Necessitate Succession Planning

Human Resources    March 14, 2023

An employee exodus in the coming months and years will affect many industries because of retirement risk or postponement and voluntary turnover. Organizations need robust, responsive succession plans to mitigate these risks and ensure long-term stability.

Issue briefing  •  45-min read

Perspectives From the Bargaining Table: Labour Relations Outlook

Human Resources    February 14, 2023

The Labour Relations Outlook explores key themes in collective bargaining, such as forecasted wage increases for unionized employees in 2023, the post-pandemic union–management climate, and key bargaining priorities and challenges that are expected to come up at the bargaining table this year.

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Why Measuring Employee Engagement Matters

Human Resources    January 31, 2023

Labour markets have tightened markedly, with shortages continuing across a broad spectrum of industries, occupations, and skills categories. With increased labour market mobility and intense competition for talent, organizations are looking at how they can retain workers.

Issue briefing  •  9-min read

Salary Increases Lag Behind Inflation: Compensation Planning Outlook

Human Resources    January 23, 2023

Each year, the Conference Board’s Compensation Planning Outlook provides a trusted forecast for compensation and HR professionals across the country. This report gives the most up-to-date data, essential for any organization looking to secure the talent they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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Future-Proofing Investments in Workplace Mental Health

Human Resources    November 10, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the importance of mental health and wellness. While studies have cautioned that the mental health of many Canadians was already at risk before the pandemic, the uncertainty associated with the pandemic has created an unprecedented demand for mental health supports.

Summary for executives  •  2-min read

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Future-Proofing Investments in Workplace Mental Health

Human Resources    November 10, 2022

Investments in workplace mental health yield benefits well beyond productivity and can positively impact attraction of talent, employee retention, and risk management. However, in the wake of COVID-19, political unrest, climate change, and a high inflation, employers are unsure about the path ahead.

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Canadian Human Resources Metrics Benchmarking

Human Resources    October 3, 2022

Build and refine your Human Resources practices for managing your teams. Understand the current business environment, and know what’s changing. Our data from across Canadian industries and regions will help you see where you excel and where you can grow.

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Mental Health Week: The Importance of Advancing the Discussion

Human Resources    May 4, 2022

Positive mental health allows us to cope with changes and difficult challenges in our day-to-day lives, personally as well as professionally. The pandemic blurred this boundary as employees worked from home, many simultaneously caring for children and other loved ones while living a more isolated lifestyle.

Commentary  •  3-min read

Benefits and Challenges of Hybrid Work

Human Resources    May 2, 2022

Transitioning to a hybrid workplace model will provide organizations with an opportunity to redefine their workplace culture. To encourage employee engagement, it is imperative that leaders collaborate with their employees on how to build and contribute toward a new workplace culture.

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Essential Skills for Learning and Working: Perspectives From Education and Employment Leaders Across Canada

Education & Skills    March 10, 2022

How can workers be sure they have the skills they will need to succeed? How we learn and demonstrate skills through qualifications is also changing. For example, while there is much uncertainty around the future of microcredentials, these new, short-term offerings are becoming increasingly common.

Impact paper  •  16-min read
Partner: Future Skills Centre

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Beyond the Classroom: The Future of Post-Secondary Education Has Arrived

Education & Skills    March 3, 2022

Although the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted many plans for the post-secondary space, it accelerated positive changes:. For many education stakeholders, these pandemic developments are key elements of how to re-envision existing PSIs to ensure a brighter future for Canada.

Impact paper  •  21-min read
Partner: Future Skills Centre