Brick by Brick: Building Neuroinclusive Workplaces

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Brick by Brick: Building Neuroinclusive Workplaces

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Author: The Conference Board of Canada


This summary for executives provides recommendations for how employers can build a more neuroinclusive work environment.

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In this research, we summarize the findings of 40 interviews with neurodivergent workers and employers of neurodivergent workers to better understand their experiences and provide recommendations for employers who want to create a more neuroinclusive workplace.

Are you looking to make your workplace more inclusive of those who are neurodivergent but don’t know where to start? Worried that accommodations will be cumbersome for your business? Are you building barriers, or an inclusive workplace? 

Read the summary for executives to get our recommendations.

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  1. William Serson

    This is a very valuable article that will hopefully encourage employers to think outside the box and hire an unrepresented group in our workforce.