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Human Resources Package

Critical intelligence in the war for talent.

Companies have never been under more pressure to make smart human resources decisions. Our solid research and incisive expert analysis can give you the confidence to make the right calls. Drawing on our exclusive dataset on HR trends, compensation benchmarking, and practical insights on labour relations, we prepare you and your organization for the workforce of today and tomorrow.

Transform your HR planning into a strategic advantage and stay ahead of future disruptions with our Complete Access Human Resources Package.

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Package inclusions

Compensation Research Package

We have helped hundreds of organizations make the right choices. We can help you too.

Our Compensation Research Package gives your organization access to in-depth analysis and insights on the latest trends and challenges. Information from the Conference Board can help you stay competitive and make decisions that make sense for your business.

People Management Package

Sorting the real from the consultancy hype is critical in HR. When you want the evidence behind leadership practices that really make a difference, you need an organization that is truly independent.

Master your most complex HR challenges with our People Management Package.

I can always count on The Conference Board of Canada to give me the most up-to-date and accurate salary planning data. Year after year, I eagerly await this trusted publication to plan my company’s salary range adjustments and merit budget.


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Complete access human resources package

Critical intelligence in the war for talent. We prepare you and your organization for the workforce of today and tomorrow.



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