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Canadian Economics   March 14, 2024

The proposed cap-and-trade system by the Government of Canada seeks to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the upstream oil and gas sector to put Canada on track for a net-zero economy by 2050. This policy would see GHG emissions from the sector reduced by 21 per cent—from 171 megatonnes of CO2-equivalent emissions (Mt CO2e) in 2019 to 134 Mt CO2e when the regulations come into force in 2030.

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The Path to Net Zero: A Primer on How to Assess SME Progress

Sustainability   December 8, 2023

Addressing climate change requires action from all players: businesses, governments, and individuals. As part of a growing international effort, Canada has joined more than 120 countries in committing to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

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The Path to Net Zero: Survey Results From Canadian SMEs

Sustainability   December 8, 2023

Canada’s successful net-zero transition will be possible only if SMEs play an active role. While SMEs don’t generate high emissions individually, collectively they account for nearly 30 per cent of the national total. SMEs are also crucial to Canada’s international trade, and they need to be ready to trade in a global world where climate change requirements are becoming more stringent.

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Instead of Competing Directly with the U.S., Canada Should Develop a Parallel Clean-Tech Strategy

Innovation & Technology   October 30, 2023

Our ability to invest big in clean tech and innovation is constrained. Amidst a challenging economic outlook, Ottawa needs to retain fiscal flexibility while finding ways to accelerate private investment in this industry.

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Toward a More Sustainable Future

Education & Skills     August 3, 2023

The Conference Board of Canada, on behalf of the Future Skills Centre, is studying how Canadian post-secondary institutions (PSIs) are preparing future graduates with the green skills that are needed for a more sustainable future.

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Partner: Future Skills Centre

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Governing Disruption: Toward Canada’s New Mobility Future

Sustainability     May 18, 2023

Technologies like vehicle automation, ride-hailing, and micromobility suggest many opportunities for improving local transportation systems. Automated vehicles, for example, can make transportation safer and more accessible. Ride-sharing can reduce rates of car ownership, and micromobility can provide a “last-mile” connection to public transit.

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Disaster Recovery

Sustainability     March 3, 2023

Canada’s risk environment is increasingly complex, and Canadians need to be better prepared. The frequency and cost of catastrophic loss events (like floods and fires) have been rising, as has the cost to insure against such losses

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Babatunde Olaeju

Meet Our Expert

Babatunde Olateju

Principal Research Associate, Sustainability

Babatunde (Tunde) Olateju is a Principal Research Associate in the Sustainability Knowledge Area. His research at the Board informs Canada’s path toward carbon-neutrality and a circular economy.

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Working Together for a Sustainable Future

Education & Skills     March 3, 2023

To avert the worst impacts of climate change, Canada has set an ambitious goal of achieving net-zero GHG emissions by 2050. Transitioning to a net-zero economy is expected to be disruptive, but it will also create new global employment opportunities.

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Partner: Future Skills Centre

Future Fuels: How Airports Can Become Hubs For Clean Transport

Innovation & Technology     January 1, 2023

In our highly interconnected global economy, airports are essential nodes. They move people and goods, enable trade and travel, and create economic development and growth.

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Clean DNA: How Genomics Can Reduce Emissions and Drive Economic Growth for Canada

Innovation & Technology    December 1, 2022

The climate crisis demands innovation and new strategies. Scientists are finding potential solutions from an unexpected place: biology.

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