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Centre for a Clean Energy Growth Economy (CEGE)

Energy and energy systems play a central role in Canada’s economy. They also play a crucial part in our transition to a clean growth economy. Initiated in 2018, CEGE supports research and dialogue on strategic issues, building on its investors’ business and intellectual strengths.

How we define ourselves:

  • Clean Energy. We are inclusive of all energy and committed to reducing environmental footprints.
  • Growth. Increases and impacts must be measurable and sustainable.
  • Economy. Trade in goods and services should benefit all of Canada.

Research Plan

Year 1—2018: Foundation
Research focused on carbon competitiveness, consumer behavior, decarbonizing electricity, and clean growth finance.

Year 2—2019: What is a Clean Energy Growth Economy?
Measurable parameters were developed to define a clean energy growth economy. Our focus was on indicators, challenges, and actions needed.

Year 3—2020: Unpacking the New Growth Story
Deep dives will be undertaken into critical gaps, opportunities, and challenges.

Year 4—2021: A Roadmap to Action
Exploring the gaps in policy and action, identifying key waypoints, will help create a roadmap towards a clean energy growth economy.

Year 5—2022: Canada’s Clean Energy Growth Economy
The final framing of evidence and creation of an economically pragmatic and socially achievable view of Canada’s clean energy growth economy.

YEAR 3 – Two Priorities

  1. Updated indicators – currently being updated.

  2. Diverse Pathways to Net Zero

Canada is committed to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. But top-down policies and programs are not enough. The level of effort and transformation required and the need for equity, diversity, and inclusion at the community level were isolated as gaps that need to be addressed.

QUEST Canada and The Conference Board of Canada are partners on this initiative. Currently entering the first of a year-three effort, early research has now been completed.

Two research studies have just been released:

  • All Net-Zero Pathways Begin with a Local Step is a literature review of research informing net-zero transition policy in Canada.
  • Community Archetypes will be used to inform the development of a framework for net-zero policy.

Both studies and an Executive Summary are now available for free download from the Quest website:


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