Babatunde Olateju

Director, Sustainability


Babatunde Olateju is the Director of Sustainability at The Conference Board of Canada. In this role, Babatunde leads the Sustainability teams’ research and convening initiatives, which provide objective and evidence-based insights for a sustainable and inclusive economy in Canada.

Past Work Experience

Prior to the Board, Babatunde was a Manager in the Clean Energy Division of Alberta Innovates, where he led multiple innovation program initiatives spanning carbon management, nuclear energy, hydrogen, and waste-to-value-added technologies. He served on the Federal Government’s Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Roadmap Committee as well as the Energy and Environment Committee at the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

Babatunde has been a Mentor for the University of Alberta’s Energy Pathways Career Program.

Academic Credentials


Academic Background

Master of Mechanical Engineering, Brunel University

Doctor of Philosophy, Engineering Management – Mechanical Engineering, University of Alberta


Knowledge without truth is like an empty barrel. It doesn’t hold much value. When addressing the most pressing issues of our time, and with the stakes being so high, we need to take responsibility. Now more than ever, leaders and decision-makers must inform their deliberations with objective and evidentiary research. At the Conference Board, we are making these impactful contributions daily, and it is an inspiring environment to work in.

Get to Know Babatunde

What brought you to the Conference Board?

I enjoy learning. I wanted to be in an organization that enabled intellectual endeavor and growth, while providing opportunities to solve problems that matter.

The depth and diversity of expertise at the Board was also compelling. It’s a stronghold of ingenuity and ideas. It offers new insights for the challenges faced by Canadian leaders today, as well as those on the horizon.

Sustainability is arguably the defining issue of our time. Impactful solutions in sustainability often require interdisciplinary approaches. This is a strength at the Board. We collaborate internally and with our stakeholders, to illuminate solutions. It’s a rich and stimulating arena to work in and I enjoy it wholeheartedly.

What impact do you hope to see from your work?

We are on the cusp of a “grand reset” in society; from mitigating climate change, to addressing social inequities. For transformative impact, policy and investment decisions in both the public and private sector must be informed by evidentiary research.

My aim is to contribute insights to meet these needs. Sustainability brings a holistic lens to the decision tables of leaders. Seeing beyond the short-term, it enables value creation and policy outcomes that are enduring and inclusive.

What do you do when you’re offline?

Basketball is my game and I’m a big fan of the Raptors (We the North!). I also like to travel. For me it’s another form of experiential learning and of course, some good downtime and relaxation. I’m curious about history—it has endless lessons to teach and offers great perspective. I’m never too far from a museum or a historical site when I’m away. I enjoy theatre and spoken word poetry. But these are all liberties of the pre-COVID world.

Nowadays, during COVID, I’ve taken my love of food to new heights, trying out new recipes with my family. Reading is always a good past time: The Prize by Daniel Yergin is a book I’d recommend for anyone curious about the history and geopolitics of energy. 23 Things They Don’t Tell You about Capitalism, by Ha Joon Chang, raises important questions about the orthodoxies in our economic system.

Babatunde in the News & Media Appearances

The circular economy and plastics value chain

CIBC   •   March 14, 2022

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