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Changing the future of workplace wellness

Join us on our mission to improve workplace mental health.

We believe strong workplace mental health is the cornerstone of employee engagement and productivity—employers have a pivotal role to play.

The Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Research Centre was established to increase awareness and understanding of this issue through research, analysis and dialogue. It tackles critical matters facing Canadian organizations and the wellbeing of their employees.

Having conducted evidence-based research on workplace mental health for over 20 years, The Conference Board of Canada has long been at the forefront of this critical issue.


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The physical and mental health of our society is directly connected to the vitality of our communities. For employers and their employees, the last few years have focused on adapting, innovating and being resilient. But we need to constantly evaluate our mental wellbeing and ensure we are supporting Canadians. We are proud to partner with The Conference Board of Canada in establishing this new research centre to gain valuable insights that can help build better solutions at the workplace.

Guy Cormier, President and CEO, Desjardins Group

About Us

We’re experts. Our team brings both deep expertise in workplace wellbeing research, and applied leadership experience in Canadian organizations.

We’re innovative in our approach. Our research methodologies are leading-edge, bringing sophisticated survey tools, analysis, and data modelling into our research projects.

We’re proudly Canadian. Our focus is on providing Canadian leaders with the evidence they need to make decisions that result in healthier organizations and a stronger country.

Areas of Research

Future-Proofing Investments in Mental Health

Moving beyond COVID-19, employers need to ensure that current and emerging mental health issues in the workplace are addressed. This research will provide insight on how employers can obtain a greater return on their investments in employee mental health and wellbeing.

Workplace Absenteeism and Mental Health

The cost of workplace absenteeism is significant. This research aims to identify effective policies, procedures, and practices that help organizations mitigate the risks associated with both absenteeism and presenteeism in the workplace.

Pensive-looking man resting head on his hand Pensive-looking man resting head on his hand
Pensive-looking man resting head on his hand

At Lundbeck, we are tirelessly dedicated to brain health so every person can be their best. Our goal is to lead by example by prioritizing the mental wellness of our own employees, while in parallel supporting research and education around best practices in workplace mental health amongst the broader community. Lundbeck is proud to be a founding funder and partner with The Conference Board of Canada to set up the Mental Health Research Centre.

Michal Juul Sørensen, Vice President & General Manager, Lundbeck Canada

Looking Forward

Future studies may include:

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Psychological safety in the workplace

Icon of three people, one with head bowed

Stigma and workplace mental health

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Managing mental health in the workplace

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Remote workers and workplace mental health

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Importance of social connections in building resilience in workplace mental health

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Mitigating risk in workplace mental health

Icon of 2 hands cupping a heart

Fostering a positive workplace culture

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Developing tools for assessing vulnerable workers

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Workplace mental health and wellbeing toolkit

Featured Researcher

Erin Mills

Erin Mills

Director, Human Capital and Workplace Health

With more than 20 years of experience across the health, employment, and education sectors, Erin guides the Board’s workplace health research initiatives and programs.

Learn more about Erin

Mental well-being is vital to overall health. There is an increasing need to focus on mental health in the workplace. Our partnership with The Conference Board of Canada provides critical resources to support Canadians on their mental health journeys. Together, we’re making mental health at work a priority and helping Canadians live healthier lives.

Dave Jones, President, Sun Life Health


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