Economic Outlook for 2023

Canadian Economics

By: Sohaib Shahid, Stephen Tapp

Leadership Perspectives: Economic Matters, Ep. 3

As we near the end of December, many economists are looking back at the year that was. But that’s the past. What can we expect for the future?

We’ve asked two leading economic thinkers to give us their forecasts on the key issues that the Canadian economy will face in 2023. Will the Bank of Canada’s initiatives be enough keep inflation down next year? What will the impact of monetary and fiscal policy be and where should government spending go? What will the impact of broader geopolitical challenges be on the Canadian economy? And, what questions should business leaders be asking about how and how often Canadian workers will return to the office in the year to come?

Our guests share their outlooks for the year to come for the Canadian economy.

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Sohaib Shahid

Sohaib Shahid

Former Director, Economic Innovation, The Conference Board of Canada

Stephen Tapp

Stephen Tapp

Chief Economist, Canadian Chamber of Commerce

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