Index of Business Confidence

Worries of Canadian Businesses Continue to Escalate

Updated: May 6, 2022

This is the third quarter in a row where the Index of Business Confidence has seen a decline.

The last time the index experienced three consecutive declines was in 2014. Our latest survey indicates that firms continue to have concerns about the coming six months, especially when it comes to rising costs for capital and labour.

3.1 points to 80.7
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Sasan Fouladirad


Sasan Fouladirad


Sasan Fouladirad has been an economist on the Conference Board’s economic forecasting team since 2020. Sasan is primarily responsible for forecasting and providing analysis on the Canadian financial industry.

Sasan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from The University of British Columbia, as well as a master's degree in economics from Queen’s University, where he specialized in econometrics and economic history.

About the IBC

Our widely respected Index of Business Confidence captures the views of senior executives of private Canadian corporations. It delves into the state of their businesses’ sales and finances, their investment plans, and their expectations for the Canadian economy over the coming six months.

This quarterly index is used by the Bank of Canada as a measure of capacity and inflation pressure as it sets monetary and financial markets policy. The index also informs our in-house national economic outlook.

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