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Innovation & Technology   February 20, 2024

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is upending work as we know it. Though these tools are still in their infancy, they can already summarize documents, analyze reams of data, forecast trends, and support code development.

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Reawakening Optimism: Business Confidence Ascends at Last

Canadian Economics   February 1, 2024

The Index of Business Confidence rose for the first time in over two years. This upturn could be a sign of the clouds starting to clear for firms from an investment standpoint. However, several factors are currently having adverse effects on planned investment expenditures, including high interest rates, rising labour costs, government policies, and shortage of qualified staff.

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Canadian Human Resources Metrics Benchmarking

Human Resources   January 18, 2024

Build and refine your Human Resources practices for managing your teams. Understand the current business environment, and know what’s changing. Our data from across Canadian industries and regions will help you see where you excel and where you can grow.

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Labour Relations Outlook

Human Resources   November 29, 2023

The Labour Relations Outlook explores key themes in collective bargaining for 2024, such as projected wage increases and salary freezes and implications of the post-inflationary economic climate and anticipated slowdown.

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Human Resources Spotlight Series

Canadian Economics   November 28, 2023

This series explores trending topics in human resources (HR) using two methods: spotlight reports and case studies. The spotlight reports are short, easily digestible pieces that examine best practices in the HR space.

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Compensation Planning Outlook

Human Resources   November 9, 2023

Each year, the Conference Board’s Compensation Planning Outlook provides a trusted forecast for compensation and HR professionals across the country. This report gives the most up-to-date data, essential for any organization looking to secure the talent they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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Building a Resilient Workforce: Meeting Employer Demand for Social and Emotional Skills in the 21st Century

Human Resources   October 24, 2023

The Conference Board of Canada, on behalf of the Future Skills Centre, is exploring how Canadian employers identify and assess social and emotional skills (SES) in new and potential employees.

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Our Partnership with Future Skills Centre

Canadians need to prepare for a changing labour market and learning ecosystem. FSC is your go-to resource for the skills people need and the paths to get there.

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Toward a More Sustainable Future

Education & Skills    August 3, 2023

The Conference Board of Canada, on behalf of the Future Skills Centre, is studying how Canadian post-secondary institutions (PSIs) are preparing future graduates with the green skills that are needed for a more sustainable future.

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Partner: Future Skills Centre

Demographic Analysis of the P&C Insurance Industry in Canada: Career Perspectives of Employees

Canadian Economics   July 12, 2023

The Canadian labour market has experienced significant challenges since the last survey in 2017, with none more consequential than the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to unparalleled economic disruptions.

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Indigenous Ownership

Indigenous & Northern Communities   July 5, 2023

First Nations, Inuit, and Métis communities across Canada are emerging as successful major project leaders, but not all of them have the necessary resources to make informed decisions, manage risks, and finance large-scale investments in their futures.

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Approaches for Skills Inclusion in Inuit Nunangat

Indigenous & Northern Communities    June 20, 2023

This toolkit will help employers with recruitment and retention in Inuit Nunangat through meaningful inclusion practices, policies that accommodate traditional practices and community responsibilities, and clear career paths.

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Partner: Future Skills Centre

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Valuing Skills in Canada: A Statistical Approach

Education & Skills   May 23, 2023

A key ingredient for a successful and financially rewarding career is having useful and valuable skills that enable people to perform specific jobs. Accordingly, we expect workers with in-demand skills to earn higher wages and salaries, reflecting the need for those skills in the workplace.

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Job Postings Bounce Up as Hiring Activity Remains Resilient: Canadian Hiring Index

Canadian Economics   April 20, 2023

Despite the rise this month, job postings in Canada are down 5.1 per cent compared with March 2022. Year over year, job postings fell across most provinces, a sign that the demand in the labour market that had persisted through much of 2022 is gradually moderating.

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