The Future Is Social and Emotional: Summary for Executives

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The Future Is Social and Emotional: Summary for Executives

Education & Skills

Author: Maria Giammarco, Matthew McKean, Stephen Higham


  • Employers want new hires to arrive with both technical knowledge and social and emotional skills. The latter contribute to career success and positive social outcomes, but workers are not consistently acquiring these skills prior to entering the workforce.
  • The problem is that our educational systems—especially post-secondary—do not focus specifically on social and emotional skills development, so many students emerge from these systems without a solid foundation in these skills.
  • The Conference Board, via the Future Skills Centre, is exploring the current landscape for social and emotional skills development in Canada and identifying gaps, opportunities, and solutions for training and assessment. The goal is to connect Canadians from all communities and cultures, including vulnerable groups, with the resources they need to adequately develop their social and emotional skills and increase their employability.
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Canadians are not acquiring enough of the social and emotional skills they need to succeed in the workplace. We need access to more opportunities for them to do so throughout their lives.

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