Effective Leadership in a Hybrid World of Work

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Effective Leadership in a Hybrid World of Work

Human Resources
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Leadership development skills can be developed in a hybrid learning environment with equal or higher efficacy than traditional in-person approaches.

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These past few years have changed the way we think about our relationship with work. We have seen millions of workers, from the technician on the shop floor to the finance manager in the high-rise office building, reevaluate the role work plays in their lives; often seeking greater workplace or work schedule flexibility to offer workforce personalization. Flexibility can look different based on the nature of the work, the industry, and the worker. Knowledge/office workers may well have more options but even those organizations with predominantly traditional, on-site working conditions are enabling team empowerment about scheduling and work processes and finding creative ways to support the work-life balance needs of on-site workers.

Many have found remote work to be their key to greater work-life balance. On the other hand, many workers facing the emotional effects of loneliness and isolation want to connect in-person with co-workers and return to the physical workplace but not necessarily on a full-time basis. Enter the hybrid world of work where organizations are experimenting with a variety of options to personalize work to attract, engage and retain the talent required to compete today and tomorrow.

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