No Child Elects to Wait: Timely Access to Pediatric Spinal Surgery

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No Child Elects to Wait: Timely Access to Pediatric Spinal Surgery

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Author: The Conference Board of Canada


Wait times in Canada for spinal surgery that children need far exceed the recommended safe clinical time frame in several provinces. This report outlines the cost of delayed surgeries to the healthcare system and to children and their families.

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In this report, we examine the impact of delayed and cancelled spinal surgeries on children and their families and on the healthcare system.

What are the health outcomes for children and youth who do not receive the surgery they need within the clinically recommended time frame? How do provinces compare in terms of wait times for pediatric surgeries? What is the economic burden on the healthcare system and on caregiver productivity?

Read the report to get our full analysis, which uses pediatric surgery for scoliosis to illustrate the impact.

Key findings and recommendations
Delayed access to pediatric surgery packs a punch
An illustrative case: scoliosis surgery
Delayed scoliosis surgery for children in Canada costs the healthcare system $44.6 million
Discussion and calls to action
Appendix A: Methodology
Appendix B: Model input
Appendix C: Bibliography

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