Indigenous Ownership: Strengthening Economic Autonomy

Indigenous Ownership: Strengthening Economic Autonomy

Indigenous & Northern Communities
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Author: Matthew Belliveau


This impact paper explores how Indigenous ownership of major projects influences self-determination. Ownership can increase financial independence, while also generating decision-making powers and capacity-building opportunities.

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In the final installment of this three-part series, we explore the complicated relationship between Indigenous self-determination and equity ownership of major projects.

How can ownership of major projects advance Indigenous communities’ and nations’ pursuit of self-determination? How can revenues from major projects complement other fiscal instruments? Will Indigenous ownership help us learn from previous mistakes and build better projects together?

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Indigenous self-determination and major projects
Regaining autonomy: Modern treaties and self-government
UNDRIP and co-developing a path forward
Negotiating agreements and growing Indigenous economies
Major project ownership develops transferable capacity
Appendix A: Historical context
Appendix B: Methodology
Appendix C: Bibliography

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