Indigenous Ownership: Best Practices for Major Project Success

aerial view of Texada mine in British Columbia

Indigenous Ownership: Best Practices for Major Project Success

Indigenous & Northern Communities
Pages:33 pages

Author: Matthew Belliveau


This impact paper examines the leading practices and policies of industry proponents, governments, and lending institutions to ensure successful Indigenous ownership of major projects, as well as challenges and gaps.

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In this research, we explore best practices and challenges for breaking down barriers to Indigenous ownership of major projects.

How can project proponents and governments support Indigenous communities that lack significant own-source revenues? Given that Métis and Inuit communities lack financing options like those offered to First Nations, what can help close this gap? How do businesses owned by Indigenous communities facilitate Indigenous ownership of major projects?

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Key findings
Recognizing the diversity of Indigenous communities and nations in Canada
Major project co-development is redefining corporate–Indigenous relations
Community-owned businesses generate revenue and build capacity
Indigenous-led capacity development supports informed decision-making
Creative agreements are limiting risk and improving decision-making
Procurement practices are enabling Indigenous ownership
ESG reforms can spread best practices across major project lenders
Long-term funding can improve Indigenous access to capital and capacity
Loan guarantees make equity capital affordable
The First Nations Finance Authority fills gaps in equity finance
Equity co-investors unlock new opportunities
Appendix A: Methodology
Appendix B: Bibliography

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