Benefits Benchmarking 2023: Inclusive Benefits Offerings

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Benefits Benchmarking 2023: Inclusive Benefits Offerings

Human Resources
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Author: Liz Marcil, Tabatha Thibault


This data briefing looks at the inclusive benefits and initiatives that organizations offer, such as programs to support equity-deserving groups, parental leave policies, and coverage for fertility and gender-affirming treatments.

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The Conference Board of Canada’s Benefits Benchmarking 2023 project provides timely insights into organizations’ benefits plans, offerings, and strategies. The purpose of this research is to allow you to compare your organization’s efforts to those of your peers so that you can remain current and competitive in today’s labour market.

For example, what percentage of organizations offer customizable group benefits or mental health initiatives to support the needs of equity-deserving groups? What percentage of organizations have created policies or practices to ensure that communications about health benefits and programs use appropriate-gender language and tone? How many organizations that offer some form of family-building benefits, such as coverage for fertility tests or medications, in vitro fertilization, or adoption? On average, how much coverage do organizations offer for gender-affirming treatments?

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Key findings
Inclusive benefits are critical to fostering diverse workplaces
Members of equity-deserving groups may require unique supports
Demographic data are key to creating inclusive benefits packages
Few organizations communicate offerings to different groups
Benefits for 2SLGBTQ+ employees in domestic partnerships
Reproductive and family-building benefits
Gender-affirming treatments
Paid leaves of absence
Appendix A—Glossary
Appendix B—Methodology
Appendix C—Participating organizations
Appendix D—Bibliography

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