C-Suite Challenge 2024: Toward Stability and Renewal—June 2024

C-Suite Challenge 2024: Toward Stability and Renewal—June 2024

Human Resources
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Author: Dilys Leman, Liz Marcil, Tabatha Thibault


This data briefing highlights the Canadian results of C-Suite Outlook 2024, an annual survey of C-suite executives across the globe on emerging internal and external challenges affecting their businesses.

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In this research, we examine the Canadian results of a survey of 1,247 C-suite executives from around the world on the challenges they face in 2024.

The business environment is rife with change and uncertainty, with emerging technologies, geopolitical risks, and sustainability needs, among others, all vying for C-suite attention. What are the top external challenges Canadian C-level executives expect will affect their businesses in 2024? What are their priorities when investing for long-term growth, and how many have already embraced AI? How will they approach human capital management while balancing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) priorities and transitioning to renewable resources?

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