Benefits Benchmarking 2023: Employer-Sponsored Benefits Plans—Updated October 2023

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Benefits Benchmarking 2023: Employer-Sponsored Benefits Plans—Updated October 2023

Human Resources
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Author: Liz Marcil, Tabatha Thibault


This report summarizes the results of The Conference Board of Canada’s 2023 Benefits Benchmarking survey. The sound data provided will enable Canadian employers to benchmark themselves against their peers and make informed decisions about their programs.

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In this research, we examine the results of a 2023 survey of 159 Canadian organizations on the characteristics of their employee benefits programs, assessing the universality of their application and comparing them based on region, sector, and industry.

Do part-time employees generally benefit from full health and dental coverage just like their full-time counterparts? What proportion of employers incorporate virtual healthcare services in their coverage offerings, and how does this break down from region to region? To what extent do employers offer training on how to navigate and understand their benefits system?

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Key findings
Benefits are crucial to attract and retain talent
Group benefits coverage for employees
Virtual care for physical and mental health is increasingly important
More employers are now offering flexible benefits plans
Employees need to be aware of all accessible benefits
Over half of employers forgo the benefits waiting period
Most employers do not have deductibles for extended healthcare benefits
Appendix A—Benefits definitions
Appendix B—Sectoral and regional differences in part-time employee benefits
Appendix C—Methodology
Appendix D—Participating organizations
Appendix E—Bibliography

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