Benefits Benchmarking 2023: Flexible Work Practices—December 2023

Benefits Benchmarking 2023: Flexible Work Practices—December 2023

Human Resources
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Author: Diogo Borba, Liz Marcil, Tabatha Thibault


This data briefing looks at the flexible work practices that organizations offer, in terms of both flexible work hours and location, explores the geographical constraints that employers have imposed on remote workers, and examines whether organizations provide remote and hybrid workers with home office allowances.

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The Conference Board of Canada’s Benefits Benchmarking 2023 project provides timely insights into organizations’ approaches to flexibility in work arrangements, both in where employees work and the hours they work. The purpose of this research is to allow organizations to compare their organization’s efforts with those of their peers so as to remain current and competitive in today’s labour market.

This briefing explores the prevalence and characteristics of different flexible work arrangements among Canadian organizations, with the aim of helping organizations navigate decisions around the level of flexibility—in terms of work hours and location—that they would like to offer employees.

What percentage of employers require employees to work in-office and, if so, for what percentage of the workweek? May employees who can work remotely live anywhere—in Canada or the world? Are most hybrid and remote organizations providing employees with work-from-home stipends? If so, how often are they providing them, and what is their value?

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Key findings
Flexible work is here to stay: How are organizations adapting?
How organizations are adapting to the transition to flexible work models
Appendix A—Methodology
Appendix B—Participating organizations
Appendix C—Bibliography

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