Future of Work

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Future Skills Summit

Our nation’s labour market is undergoing massive change. It’s being shaped by effects from the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as unprecedented demographic shifts, economic changes and technological advances. To navigate these disruptions and foster the future prosperity of Canada, we must support the lifelong skills development of our workforce.

Summit  |  Virtual
February 22–24, 2022
Client—Future Skills Centre

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Saskatchewan’s Forest Sector: Future Skills for an Indigenous-Led Revitalization

The Canadian forest sector is facing a challenge to attract, train, and retain workers. In this boom-and-bust industry, forestry companies must increase efficiency in order to remain competitive when the market is weak while also responding to growing demand for sustainable practices and high-value wood products. Indigenous forestry businesses are no strangers to this dilemma.

Case study  |  25-min read
November 30, 2021
Focus Area—Indigenous & Northern Communities
Client—Future Skills Centre

How vulnerable is Canada’s essential work—and workers—to automation, immigration, and worldwide health crises? The pandemic has put the spotlight on the importance of workforce planning. And insights and lessons learned from COVID-19 could help employers to better prepare for the next disruption.

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Online experience  |  8-min read
November 29, 2021
Focus Area—Immigration