Building the Skills of the Future with Jane Goodyer and Ian Howcroft

Education & Skills

By: Ian Howcroft, Jane Goodyer

Canada’s labour force isn’t growing fast enough to keep up with the aging population.  On one hand we have a labour supply challenge. But, on the other hand the workers we do have don’t always have the skill sets that we need today, but particularly into the future.  

My guests this episode are both actively working to reshape our skills development and labour market preparedness for students today so that they can fill the labour market demands of tomorrow.  We explore how educational institutions are evolving to better equip students for workplaces and how better relationships between employers, educators and the K-12 system are starting to reshape how skills are taught and how people can gain a better understanding of the career options that are available to them.


Jane Goodyer

Dean, Lassonde School of Engineering, York University

Ian Howcroft

CEO, Skills Ontario

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