Michael Burt


Michael Burt


Michael Burt is a Vice-President at the Conference Board of Canada. In this role, he leads our Economics and Education Focus Areas, overseeing all related convening and research activities.

Michael has a passion for building things, albeit in a figurative sense:

I enjoy building things, I find it exciting and rewarding to build something from the ground up—a great team for example, or an insightful research project, or long-term viability for our organization. At CBoC, we’re constantly building, and one of my focus areas is to build strong relationships internally between our different Knowledge Areas, and with external partners. Our array of expertise is a core strength, and by continuously improving our collaboration efforts, we’ll increase our impact on Canadian lives and Canada’s leaders.

Past Work Experience

Michael joined the Board in 2004 and has moved progressively into more senior positions since. Before joining the Board, he worked with an economic consulting firm in the United States. Michael has more than 20 years of experience conducting and leading research activities.

Academic Background

Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Business and Economics, University of Windsor
Master of Arts in Economics, University of Toronto
Master of Business Administration, University of Windsor
Chartered Financial Analyst



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