Labour Market Woes with Mike Burt and Armine Yalnizyan

Canadian Economics

By: Armine Yalnizyan, Michael Burt

Leadership Perspectives: Economic Matters, Ep. 2

Canada’s labour market is facing an unprecedented set of challenges. 

We keep hearing the dual realities of low unemployment levels but high job vacancies. There is a loud and growing chorus of business owners who complain that they can’t find the workers they need. And workers are increasingly expressing their frustration with the jobs they do have. 

From the great-resignation, to quiet quitting. From the turbulence that is affecting industries as diverse as travel, hospitality, restaurants, and healthcare to the ongoing pressure to address wages without creating a wage-price spiral.  Something is happening in the Canadian labour force.

In this episode of Economics Matters, we will be examining the causes of Canada’s labour market turmoil. 

Michael Burt

Michael Burt

Vice President, The Conference Board of Canada

Armine Yalnizyan

Armine Yalnizyan

Economist and Atkinson Fellow, Future of Workers