Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Canada

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Greenhouse Gas Mitigation in Canada

Canadian Sustainability

Author: Len Coad


  • Lack of coordination between governments in Canada has hindered both the effectiveness of efforts to reduce GHG emissions and their efficiency (the cost per unit of reductions).
  • Although provincial climate change action plans generally align well with the need to reduce emissions in particular sectors, it is difficult to measure the progress achieved.
  • The national target of a 17 per cent reduction in emissions by 2020 and the individual provincial targets are being addressed through a complex, diverse, and opaque mix of instruments and programs.
  • Carbon pricing is one area where a coordinated approach may produce more efficient results.
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Canada’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions have been a patchwork of federal programs and regulations and separate provincial action plans. This report reveals how a more coordinated approach could be more effective and cost-efficient.

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